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BinDawood Superstores release findings from international survey aiming to support pilgrims in preparing for a healthy Hajj

August 13, 2018; Jeddah, Saudi Arabia– In advance of Hajj, BinDawood superstores today released the findings from an international survey - conducted by Nielsen on behalf of the BinDawood group - that was designed and developed as part of the Group’s on-going commitment to promote health awareness for those undertaking their Hajj pilgrimage.

Conducted across six of the leading source markets for Hajj pilgrims, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt, Bangladesh, India and Indonesia, the survey looked at how 1328 adults, including those who had already performed Hajj and those who plan to perform Hajj for the first time, prepare for their Hajj pilgrimage and perceive and protect against potential health issues.

The survey found that pilgrims from across these six markets experience and anticipate facing a wide-range of health issues during their Hajj journey, and that there are varying levels of awareness on preventative measures that pilgrims can take to ensure they have a healthy Hajj.

The key findings included that almost 70% of pilgrims who have performed Hajj believe that viral infections can be best avoided by maintaining high levels of personal hygiene through bathing and washing hands with soap and using facial masks. The most common health issues experienced by pilgrims were viral infections, heat/sun stroke, low energy and dehydration and 70% of experienced pilgrims believe that staying hydrated helps prevent heat/sun stroke. Over six in 10 adults felt that they came ill-prepared in relation to carrying over the counter medical/first-aid items such as band-aids and painkillers while almost seven out of 10 people, planning to undertake Hajj this year, base their approach on how to tackle health potential issues through word of mouth.

Commenting on the survey results, leading Saudi medical practitioner, Dr. Musaab Faiz Rajab, Consultant, Intensive Care said; “Some of the most important preventative techniques pilgrims can take to avoid health issues include staying hydrated by drinking sufficient amounts of fluids regularly, avoiding sun exposure and trying to stay in the shade as much as possible. Wearing light loose colored clothes to minimize exposure to the sun is also a good idea. It’s also important to rest and sleep as much as possible.”

A second leading Saudi medical practitioner, Dr. Amr Talal Bannan, Consultant Cardiologist commenting on the survey results, said; “The results of this survey are very interesting, as they provide an invaluable resource as to how we can promote a healthy Hajj experience for all pilgrims. The most important preventative techniques pilgrims can take to avoid health issues include regularly washing hands with soap, staying hydrated by drinking sufficient amounts of fluids and carrying basic medical/first aid kits with them on the journey. Increasing Vitamin C intake can also help prevent viral infections.’

CEO of BinDawood Stores and Danube Co. Ltd, Mr. Ahmad AR BinDawood commented: “In 2017 over 2.4 million pilgrims fulfilled the Hajj.1 As a leading Saudi retailer, known for providing the communities where we operate the highest quality of fresh foods and products as well as best in class services, we are very proud of the BinDawood stores brand of our legacy in serving the pilgrims to the holy cities. It is our hope, through supporting this survey, that we can create more awareness on the simple preventative measures pilgrims from Saudi Arabia and all over the world can take to ensure they have a healthy Hajj experience.”

About the Survey: The survey was conducted by Nielsen on behalf of the BinDawood group from May 2018 and July 19 2018. The covered sample size was 1328 adults aged 26-60 from Saudi Arabia (424), Indonesia (157), India (159), Bangladesh (164) Egypt (210), Pakistan (214). Nielsen conducted the survey with pilgrims who already performed Hajj and those who plan to perform Hajj this year. All interviews were conducted face to face over a 5-8-minute period.

About BinDawood Stores and the BinDawood Group: Founded in 1984, the BinDawood Group has pioneered the development of the retail industry in Saudi Arabia. Over 35 years, the Group has become one of the Middle East and North Africa’s (MENA) largest retail operators, with extensive operations, including supermarkets, hypermarkets, department stores, importers, agents, and distributors providing the Kingdom’s widest international offering of food and grocery items.

The Group manages two key brands - Bindawood and Danube - across 67 hypermarkets and supermarkets in major Saudi Arabian cities, including Makkah, Medina, Jeddah, Riyadh and Khobar. Today, the Group employs over 10,000 people, and serves hundreds of thousands of customers every week in their stores and online. The group is headquartered in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Bindawood honored for best retail deployment

Bindawood Group was awarded the Best Retail Deployment of the Year Award at the 2012 Computer News Middle East (CNME) Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Achievement Awards ceremony held on the first day of Gitex exhibition in Dubai recently.

Bindawood Group won the award in competition with more than 280 nominees from across the Middle East.

Bindawood Group is a leading retail chain in the region consisting of Bindawood and Danube supermarkets that showcase top quality and renowned international brands, including Etre fashion, Delsey and Kipling.Bindawood Group is a leading retail chain in the region consisting of Bindawood and Danube supermarkets that showcase top quality and renowned international brands, including Etre fashion, Delsey and Kipling.

Bindawood and Danube supermarkets were recognized for successful self-checkout machines' deployment. Claimed to be the first in the Middle East, self-checkout machines have been very popular with customers of all age group and background since their installation.

Abdulrazzaq Bindawood, chairman of Bindawood Group, said: "We are delighted for getting this prestigious award. This is recognition of our goals of looking for new ways to improve our service to consumers and these new systems from NCR are perfect for improving the speed and efficiency of checkout, especially at peak times."

Customers can enjoy self-checkout service at Bindawood at Heraa and Danube at Sairafi Mall in Jeddah. It will be available soon at Danube hypermarket in Alkhobar and elsewhere across the Kingdom. The self-checkout machine accepts and dispenses riyal notes, coins and credit card in a simple bilingual mode, making shopping a pleasure for Bindawood and Danube customers.

Technosat MBC HD receivers available in stores across KSA

Executives of Bin Dawood and Danube stores, and MBC Group shake hands at the launch. IN its continuing effort to provide the best family entertainment television programs and High Definition (HD) for its viewers in Saudi Arabia and further push the shift to high definition (HD) TV viewing, Technosat launched a new "swap deal" for the MBC HD satellite receivers at Bin Dawood and Danube stores, offering viewers the chance to swap their old "satellite receivers" with brand new Technosat HD satellite receivers capable of viewing MBC HD channels at a 50 percent discounted retail price.

Commenting on the new partnership, Sheikh Abdul Razzak, Chairman of Bin Dawood and Danube said: "We are tremendously proud of joining forces with MBC Group and Technosat. This partnership is perfectly in-line with our vision to continuously ensure that our customers are offered only the best, most advanced and up-to-date technology in the market." Viewers across the Kingdom will be able to enjoy MBC Group's HD channels. Commenting on Technosat's behalf, Irshad Contractor, Chairman, said: "We are very pleased to be working closely with MBC Group, Bin Dawood and Danube on this strategic alliance. Being a market leader in developing digital TV technologies for the global pay TV industry, we firmly believe that our HD set-top boxes are designed with state-of-art technology and at very affordable prices. Our customers will be able to enjoy all of MBC Group's HD Channels once they exchange their old receiver with the all-new HD Technosat BD 888 PVR receiver for 50 percent less, SR299 only."

Sam Barnett, CEO, MBC Group, said: "The Bin Dawood Group and Danube have an extensive and high quality retail network in the Kingdom. Through this partnership, we therefore hope to enable a wider number of people to be able to purchase the set top boxes they need to watch MBC in HD." – SG

The Bindawood Group: An NCR Case Study

The Bindawood Group, one of the largest retailers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, operates a chain of supermarkets and hypermarkets under its Bindawood and Danube brands. The Bindawood Group's goal is to provide shoppers with a wide variety of quality products at competitive prices. The group operates more than 30 stores located throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including the cities of Makkah, Jeddah, Riyadh, Khobar and Madinah al Munawara.

As the Bindawood Group's customer base continued to grow, the Saudi retail giant recognized that its digitally enabled shoppers fully expected retailers to meet their need for technology that would support independent, convenient and speedy in-store transactions. The Bindawood Group realized it could benefit from the deployment of a technology solution that would streamline and enhance the customer's shopping experience. Seeing an opportunity to further build customer loyalty and differentiate itself from competitors, the Bindawood Group opted to become the first retailer in Saudi Arabia and the Arab World to deploy self-checkout technology.